Kevin Owens To Debut New Gimmick As Karen Owens

We have exclusive backstage secret info about a new character direction for Kevin Steen (insider termz) new gimmick in WWE.

Steen will no longer be known as Kevin Owens, but will go by the in ring name of Karen Steen. The Karen character will report will report other wrestlers who are not wearing masks to Vince McMahon. T-Shirts are in the works with the phrase, “Snitch, Karen, Snitch”.

The character is expected to be very compelling to the audience as “Karen” fights the conflict of being nosey about other people’s personal health habits, while battling personal obesity.

Plans for an entire PPV called Karen Owens In Your House is also in the works. Karen will drive around looking for wrestlers enjoying time with their friends and families and report any not following CDC guidelines to Vince McMahon.

Karen Owens is set to debut next week.

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