Local Promoter In Search Of “Street Team”

ARWF (Awesome Regional Wrestling Federation) is looking for a street team.

Promoter Extraordinaire – Stuart Plunkton

Promoter Stuart Plunkton put out the call for a street team via Instagram this morning, “We are looking for fans willing to hang up flyers, contact sponsors, setup our ring, basically any of the hard work portions of promoting. In exchange, I promise to focus 100% on booking in between bingeing Game Of Thrones, in order to deliver to you the fans the best show possible.”

We reached out to Stuart to ask if he has any worries that his hands off approach could lead to a negative result that he would not see coming. He responded, “Not really, we have enough tax refund to cover almost two whole shows, besides if things get too tight financially, I will just tell the boys I will pay them next show. Boys is a term us bookers use to refer to wrestlers, by the way you can use that in your story.”

ARWF’s first event of the year is next Saturday, 5 miles from AXW’s show at the Sundown Flea market.



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