Tye Dillinger To WWE, “You’re Insulting fans intelligence”

Former WWE superstar Tye Dillinger (now known by super shoot name Shawn Spears) revealed a conversation he really had (he didn’t make this up, he really did) with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon (real name Vince McMahon).

“I told Vince before I left, man you guys are really insulting you’re audiences intelligence with your writing. I don’t know if I got through or not.”

“What I like about AEW is the realism. AEW does not insult fans intelligence. Take for instance the battle royal, I was eliminated by a guy with no legs, it doesn’t get more realistic than that, I mean on the plausibility scale, I give that a perfect ten. Or heck, we have a wrestling dinosaur, Luchasaurus, he has real nipples. Real nipples.”


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