Mave Deltzer
Editor – Wrestling Conjecture Newsletter, DTHW Radio Show Host

For over lots of years, the Wrestling Conjecture Newsletter has been a must-read for those interested in conjecture regarding the goings-on behind the scenes in the world of professional wrestling and the man at the helm of that publication is its founder, Mave Deltzer.

The publisher/editor of the WCN (as the kids call it), Mave writes tens of thousands of words weekly, available in print, water color, and digital format, on insights into both wrestling and mixed martial arts, covered in the Conjecture since UFC 1 in 1993. He is also the co-host of Wrestling Conjecture Radio available on WrestlingConjecture.com three times a week (maybe less, uh, probably less), and is a Senior Writer for Fighting Amish Magazine.

Ryan Balverez 
Editor – Drop Toe Hold Weekly, DTHW Radio Show Host

A former professional wrestler, and hair dresser Ryan Balvarez founded the Drop Toe Hold Weekly Newsletter back while he was still active in rings throughout the Atlantic Southeast. After merging his operations with Mave’s back in 2008, Ryan has switched his focus to audio, helping lead the charge in wrestling podcasts heard in hardly any country in the world.

A co-host of Wrestling Conjecture Radio, the Ryan & Winny Show, and Drop Toe Hold Daily, Ryan also hosts Wrestling Conjecture Live, a show available six times a week (or less, probably less) as part of the Regurgitated Opinion Network.

Jean-Claude Rose Sappy

Managing Editor – Fanciful Wrestling On The Gify Network, 3rd Degree Clogger

Jeane-Claude Rose Sappy is the host of the Gify.com Animated Gif Podcast as well as the Managing Editor of Fanciful.

The Clampet School of Dentistry alum also provides news updates, long-form articles, interviews, fantasy booking, imaginary sources, and more.

He provides color commentary for Premier FFA Championship, and managed the Craken Clogging Team in Hazard, Kentucky, he lead the team to the Cotton Eye Joe Championship runner up in 2012, falling to 2nd place only due to a bad clacker (insider term).

Tom Sawyer
A modern day warrior – Mean, mean stride

Though his mind is not for rent. Don’t put him down as arrogant. He reserves the quiet defense. Riding out the day’s events. The river.

What you say about his company. Is what you say about society. Catch the mist, catch the myth. Catch the mystery, catch the drift.

The world is, the world is. Love and life are deep. Maybe as his skies are wide.