Latest AEW Signings Set Company Apart From Competition

AEW apparently made a couple more blockbusters signings last night as the Young Bucks appeared to offer Pentagon Jr. (shoot name Jose) and Rey Fenix (shoot name, also Jose), also known as the Lucha Brothers, a spot with AEW.

Although hesitant at first, Pentagon and Fenix eventually accepted with a handshake agreement.

The crowd of 100 who nearly packed the house to see these giant stars were ecstatic in the moment.

AEW is really setting itself apart from ROH, NJP, LU, and WWE with it’s signings.

Signed so far:






The Revival

The Young Bucks

Cody Rhodes

As you can see AEW is clearly not going to go down the road of recycling stars from other promotions like WCW and TNA (shoot name Impact).

The Fed (insider term) better watch out.



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