Latest On AEW’s Super Secret TV Deal

Cody Rhodes has recently alluded to the super secret TV deal AEW has signed. We now have exclusive details.

As we all know through anonymous sources several Networks (capital N, these are lower case N networks) were vying to air a pro wrestling show that has never held an event.

Our sources tell us one reason Impact and ROH were not able to secure strong cable network deals is that the network execs were hoping that eventually someone who never put together a pro wrestling tv show would come along and ask for a deal. It looks like that strategy paid off for one as of yet unnamed Network.

The reason the Network has not publicly disclosed the deal is that they are taking a new approach. The plan, and uh this could change, is they will formally announce the deal exactly one year after the first episode air on the Network, the feeling is this has never been done before, and would surprise everyone. But there really is a deal, so don’t worry that Cody is just trying to buy time.


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