Mailbag: Corey Graves, Benoit, Paige, Becky Lynch, Nia

It’s time to go to the WCN mailbag, where we post the latest question and comments from you, our faithful and smart ($11.99) pro wrestling fans.

Nick Baird writes, “Mave, what a despicable person Corey Graves is. Cheating on his wife and his kids, how can WWE continue to let him be a representative of their company? Also, do you think this will be the year Chris Benoit finally gets the nod for the WWE Hall of Fame?”

Mave, “As I have said in the past, the HOF nod will come the day Vince decides the over reaction to the slaughter of a family has died down. As for Graves, his job seems safe despite his outrageous actions.”

Wyatt Knight writes, “I get so sick of people in the pro wrestling community that still think it’s ok to slut shame and judge Paige for her leaked videos. On a separate note, how dare her blame the fans for pre-Diva revolution womens wrestling, someone needs to tell her to shut the hell up and fall in line.”

Mave, “Uh, $11.99?

Dave M. writes, “Becky’s appearance last night at Elimination Chamber was awesome. I loved the way she wasn’t afraid to let go and deliver those shots with the crutches, screw Charlotte and Rousey if they weren’t able to feed (insider term) into the shots correctly, Becky is The Man! Also, any update on if and when they will send the dangerous and sloppy Nia back to NXT for more training before she hurts someone?”

Mave, “I have to agree, Becky’s spot was probably the best non AEW spot of the year. Sources tell me WWE will not send Nia down to NXT for fear she will leave WWE along with Brock Lesnar, Dolph Ziggler, The Rvevival, Lana, Rusev and the entire 205 Live roster.”

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