Mailbag: Corey Graves Twitter, Benoit, AEW, WWE Saudi Arabia, More

It’s time to go to the WCN mailbag, where we post the latest question and comments from you, our faithful and smart ($11.99) pro wrestling fans.

Marcus writes, “Mave, what are your thoughts on Corey Grave talking down to fans on Twitter, and supporting his friend Bill DeMont? I think he should be fired from the WWE for his treatment of other people. Also, when will WWE put Chris Benoit in the hall of Fame?”

Mave, “As far as Graves, I’m not sure how someone stays employed treating other people like he does on Twitter outside of work. As far as Benoit, it’s totally up to the man in charge, I’m not sure how he can hold the homicides at home against his body of work.”

Mark writes, “Mave, I am so disgusted at WWE for taking Saudi blood money, I won’t support them with my money. Any news on AEW deal with China? I hope they do a PPV from China.”

Mave, “I am hoping AEW can be a light to WWE on how to operate in today’s enlightened world, sure the Chinese may have forced labor camps, forced abortions, imprison people for religious beliefs, and steal intelectual property, but as far as I can tell they’ve never killed a journalist I have never heard of like those evil Saudi’s.

Marky writes, “Mave, why is WWE holding Becky by not giving her enough time on TV? Also with all the Becky appearances on TV lately, I think WWE is trying to sabotage her by over exposing her.”

Mave, “Please see the latest issue of the Newsletter for my thoughts on this. $11.99 please.”

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