Mauro Ranallo Commentary At NXT Takeover Was A Shot At Mauro Ranallo

While Mauro Ranallo’s over the top excessive, pop reference strange sound commentary is his calling card, many observent (no relation) viewers of last night’s NXT Takeover event noticed that Mauro Ranallo commentary was a bit more over the top excessive, pop reference strange soundy than normal.

People I have talked to backstage believe Mauro Ranallo was actually taking a shot at Mauro Ranallo with this performance. It’s believed that Mauro Ranallo is still a little upset at Mauro Ranallo for the way he left Smackdown, and this was a dig (real name rib) done intentionally to extract payback.

On a side note, I spoke with an unnamed VP at AEW (there are a few) and he (or she) said that AEW will not allow this kind of bullying on their non existent inclusive tv program. “Everyone should feel welcome on our tv show, if/when there is one”.


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