Mox Explains Difference Between AEW & WWE Creative

We recently set down (sent an email) with former WWE superstar Jon Moxely (real name, not Dean Ambrose) to talk about the differences in WWE creative process and AEW creative process.

“AEW is way better than WWE. In WWE weekly there would be so much repetitiveness in how I set up my entrances, with no though put into it all. For instance, at the Gorilla (insider term, not an actual gorilla) they would say Dean, enter the ring from the crowd. I would think to myself, ‘Not this (expletive deleted) again?’ This just doesn’t work”

“So in AEW, they give us the freedom to come up with our own stuff, so I had a few months to prepare, and so what I did was, I entered the ringĀ  from the crowd, but not the center of the crowd, more to the left. In WWE, I would have been forced to do it more to the right. They really did not know what they were doing in WWE. Did I mention I hated it?”


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