Sammy Guevara Returns To AEW, No Rapes Reported

AEW superstar and rape enthusiast Sammy Guevara made his triumphant return to Dynamite after a 8 or so day suspension. Guervara as you may remember was suspended from AEW after comments surfaced from a podcast, where Sammy mentioned he’d like to rape WWE superstar and potential stalkee Sasha Banks.

AEW owner and guy really, really in charge Tony Khan commented on Sammy’s return. “We felt it was time to let Sammy back, Sammy faced sever punishment, he was not allowed to film TV for nearly 8 days or so. We feel confident that Sammy has learned his lesson. Before returning to TV Sammy had to undergo thorough therapy for like 6 days, and he had to pinky promise he would not longer say bad stuff, and more importantly proise to not rape anyone. After the filming we scoured the set and confirmed no one had been raped. We could not be more proud of Sammy.”

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