WWE Backstage Concerns About AEW

I’m hearing from several sources that WWE has several concerns about AEW that have been expressed backstage (insider term).

Many in WWE management feel that WWE’s days are numbered despite a billion dollar TV deal, worldwide touring schedule, thriving over the top streaming network, million dollar toy deals, and relationships with major retailers and sponsors.

Part of the concern lies in the fact that several mid to upper mid card talents have asked for their release. Some feel this will be harder to recover from than losing a Hogan, Stone Cold, Rock, or John Cena. Some have even openly asked how will WWE survive if it loses a tag team that has been on the main roster several months?

The other major concern is AEW is backed by a billionaire. While WCW, ROH, and TNA are or were all backed by billionaires, AEW’s billionaire used to subscribe to a wrestling newsletter, so he knows his stuff. Vince has never subscribed to a newsletter, and yet somehow stumbled his way into success.

Also of concern is attendance. WWE’s 4th largest show of the year , WWE PPV the Royal Rumble struggled to sell over 40,000, and AEW’s only and biggest show All In sold like 15,000 tickets easily. It’s clear to see WWE has a long way to go to catch up to AEW in selling tickets. One suggestion WWE is tossing around is to not sell so many tickets, so the sellout will be faster. Selling 40,000 tickets takes a lot of time and isn’t as cool as selling 15,000 fast.


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